The CITY OF MANDAUE is one of the cities in Region 7 or the Central Visayas.

Located right at the heart of the province of Cebu, the CITY OF MANDAUE is one of the two highly urbanized cities in the region, the other one being the City of Cebu. It is the industrial hub in the region and hosts about 10,000 industrial and commercial locators, making it the “little rich city” in the country.

The city is strategically located and is ten minutes away from any of the major growth points within the inner core of the Metro Cebu Area. It links up mainland Cebu to Mactan Island through the 1st Mandaue-Mactan Bridge and the 2nd Mandaue-Mactan Bridge (Marcelo Fernan Bridge). From the Mactan Cebu International Airport, it is the door to the rest of the cities and municipalities of Cebu and the rest of the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

Founded in April 7, 1521, the CITY OF MANDAUE is now 484 years old. It became a Chartered City, though on June 21, 1969. It became a highly-urbanized city only in 1991.

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Statement of Mayor Jonas C. Cortes during the Media Launching of the Mandaue City Midyear Cultural Activities last wednesday morning,  in time for  the Mandaue City Fiesta Celebration on May 8, 2022.

“ We have longed for this day to come, and it is finally here! This marks the beginning of our recovery from the big challenges we faced in the past few years.

Our traditions, our faith, and our celebration of these activities  are what keeps our identity at our core. It is where we find our collective strength. It is what distinguishes us from others. It is what brings us pride to be Mandauehanons. “

-Mayor Jonas C. Cortes

April 22, 2022

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