Barangay Tingub


Tingub. The oldtimers of tingub swear that the Spaniards named places after what they found there, be it a tree, a flower, a bird, or a thing that was in abundance. For Tingub, it was because of the water that accumulated (tingub) in a small creek (or sapa-sapa in Cebuano) in the area. The Spaniards were said to have discovered that the waters from Canduman, Tabok, and Pagsabungan flowed and gathering at the sapa-sapa of Tingub.

According to another source, the name came about during the Second World War when people ran and hid in the mountains away from the invading Japanese. Tingub was the ideal hiding place because of the presence of a small creek and the thick stands of bamboo. Sufficient numbers of people could hide there (“Matingub” pag tago ang mga tawo).

The HDP places this evacuation of people from other places to this old sitio of Canduman earlier, to the Philippine Revolution of 1898. Fear of the Spaniards brought them there, and because of the concentrated crowding, the place was called “Tingub”.

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain : Bihag, Mario B.

1st Councilor : Bihag, Ariel J.

2nd Councilor : Curay, Mark P.

3rd Councilor : Ceniza, Jaime P.

4th Councilor : Daso, Ranoy C.

5th Councilor : Seno, Delia

6th Councilor : Jayme, Jovelito S.

7th Councilor : Vicoy, Norma D.

Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

SK Chairman : Paradlang, Jennifer S.

1st Councilor: Dayon, Jason J.

2nd Councilor: Huerte, Jeffrey M.

3rd Councilor: Demape, Jose Renier C.

4th Councilor: Ceniza, Mervin M.

5th Councilor: Antolihao, Jose Maria A.

6th Councilor : Yongco, Kathy A.

7th Councilor: Capul, Cherie Lou C.