Barangay Labogon


Labogon. It is a matter of oral tradition in Labogon that the name of the place came from a local dish considered a delicacy by its first settlers. The original residents of this place not only traveled the seas but they also fished from its waters. One of the fishermen’s catch happened to be a peculiar fish and the people called it pagui (stingray). They marveled at its “wings” and its pointed tail and they cooked it for supper. Later they discovered that pagui tasted even better when tinonoan (with coconut milk), and they called the dish “labog” which evolved to “labogon”. Due to its very popular dish, the place became “labogon”, where one could enjoy labog.


Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain : Manatad, Amado Igot

1st Councilor: Bodo, Benwilson Heyrosa, Jr.

2nd Councilor: Nejana, Helbert Baguio

3rd Councilor : Guido, Rodulfo Salva

4th Councilor : Manatad, Evaristo Malazaga Sr.

5th Councilor : Gitgano, Nelson Besabella

6th Councilor : Estrada, Alfredo Intan

7th Councilor : Fuentes, Paul Dimpas

Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

SK Chairman : Hermund, Gaven Heyrosa

1st Councilor: Abella, Daisynen- Rose Logarta

2nd Councilor: Codera, Phoebe Grace Niña B.

3rd Councilor: Soon, Kent Ehem

4th Councilor: Rabanes, Nellie Rose Osabel

5th Councilor: Cuizon, Bennalyn Arculo

6th Councilor: Lumapas, Al Joshua Logarta

7th Councilor: Nabua, Jella Mae Marikit