Barangay Tawason


Tawason. Tawason suggests an abundance of tawas from which it got its name. When it was still a small barrio, this medicinal crystal (the alum that has been used as an underarm deodorant, as a canker sore treatment, and as a disinfectant) could just be picked up in the vicinity like ordinary stones. But because people did not know of its value they did not care for the preservation of this source and today nothing is left of the tawas except for the name of the present barangay. The HDP has another take Tawason used to be a sitio of Canduman and during a source famine in 1842. Duman sent aid to the people there but it was too late as they were already dying. The neighbors who witnessed, said in Cebuano, “tiwason na lang gyud sila”, roughly “let them last till the end” for tiwason means “last”.

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain : Bordario, Glenn S.

1st Councilor : Arcilla, Chris Andrey I.

2nd Councilor : Loyola, Jovelyn A.

3rd Councilor : Bilocura, Roselyn B.

4th Councilor : Tibon, Rico H.

5th Councilor : Tibon, Roberto V. Jr.

6th Councilor : Heyrana, Wenjay C.

7th Councilor : Seno, Dulcisima Q.

Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

SK Chairman : Sungahid, Jes Vincent A.

1st Councilor : Arcilla, Jhon Khenjie T.

2nd Councilor : Opo, Hanz Kristian

3rd Councilor : Arcilla, Khyce T.

4th Councilor : Dabalos, Kent S.

5th Councilor : Mendoza, Crissa Jane S.

6th Councilor : Ducante, Jovyll A.

7th Councilor : Ibañez, Shainna Fhaye