Barangay Cambaro


Cambaro. At the time of American occupation, it was observed that the people of a particular sitio, then part of barangay Looc, were in the custom of borrowing for a fee. They called their small business as“Come and Borrow”. This attracted followers and the business grew, becoming very popular so that those who knew no English but was party to the practice would answer “cam-baro” to the question where they got their money. Again, the name stuck and the sitio came to be known as Cambaro.

Another version states that Cambaro comes from the English “can borrow” or “makahulam”. The reason for this is that old citizens of the place used to just borrow from each other the things they needed.

Thus, in 1969, when Mandaue was positioning itself for city characterhood, but lacked as a requirement three barangays to fill the bill, Cambaro was then separated from Looc. It was then included, with Umapad and Pagsabungan, in the line-up of registered barangays that now added up to the needed 27. 


                     Barangay Officials

                                          Barangay Captain :   Sanchez, Maria Celma C. 

                                                       1st Councilor :          Cañete, Maricar S.                             

                         2nd Councilor :        Almodiel, Junil A.  

                3rd Councilor :         Cortes, Joel B.

                  4th Councilor :        Salazar, Nera B.

                                   5th Councilor :       Cababahay, Penelope S.

                        6th Councilor :       Omolon, Hernan F.

                      7th Councilor :      Quiño, Daniel Jr. A

Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

SK Chairman :    Truz, Mary Hazel P. 

                     1st Councilor:     Beltran, Dominic John M.

            2nd Councilor:      Diacamos, Samantha

                            3rd Councilor:      Hicks, Kevin Christopher M.

                4th Councilor:      Lagubis, Spencer Jay A

5th Councilor:       Ortiz, Sairel Q..

       6th Councilor:      Paller, Kevin Jay R.

             7th Councilor:      Zanoria, Clara Mae G.