Barangay Bakilid


Bakilid. The people who lived in this place called it bakilid for its very steep topography, as opposed to a gently rolling, terrain of a hill. “Diha’s dapit sa bakilid nga bungtod” (near the very steep hill) was how they would locate their village to those who asked. The bakilid part caught on and is still in usage.

Mrs. Corazon B. Ruelan And her group spearheaded the separation of a different barangay carved out from Maguikay and Tipolo in the 1970s. Their request was granted and they retained the old name instead of calling it after some Roman Catholic saint as others are wont to do. Mrs. Ruelan became the first Barangay Captain saint as others are wont to do. Mrs. Ruelan became the first Barangay Captain of Bakilid. The bakilid nga bungtod topographical feature can still be discerned, inspite of the vertical development and public works done along A.S. Fortuna, as the road rises from the San Miguel Corporation gate on that street. Sky Cable and Kan-a-nan sa Bakilid are on top of that sharp mound.


Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain : Lumapas, Roy

1st Councilor  : Flores, Samuel                              

2nd Councilor : Lumapas, James                                        

3rd Councilor : Baretto, Gloria

4th Councilor : Seno, Pablito

5th Councilor : Petancia, Boy

6th Councilor : Orlanes, Restituto

7th Councilor : Villamor, Dionisio

Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

SK Chairman : Ardon, Janelle

1st Councilor  : Perez, Beatrice                             

2nd Councilor : Pilapil, Allyssa Ashley                                       

3rd Councilor : Comajig, Jan Louie

4th Councilor : Estrera, Erika Mae

5th Councilor : Soroño, Jhon Mike

6th Councilor : Avila, Edsel John

7th Councilor : Ruizo, Shaira