Barangay Jagobiao


Jagobiao. The name origin of Jagobiao comes from a river that bounded the present barangay by the same name and the town of Consolacion. The name comes from the combination of the Cebuano words Hago (tiresome) and Biao (river). In the past, this river was deep and wide contrary to its current state as something like a mere creek. This river connects to the dried-up creek of Casili and is located at the foot of the hillside at the northern portion of the barangay. From the corner of Alinsug Street, one can see that the terrain of Dunggu-an, the boundary of barangays Basak and Jagobiao, is going uphill. But when he reaches the top, it is the reverse, and the river is downhill.

In the early days, citizens of this barangay went down the hill to the river to bathe and to wash their clothes by its banks. Having done their ablutions and the wash of the day, the folks had to hike up the hill back to where they came from. The weary women had to climb up the hill with their wash, now heavy with water. The climb uphill was, of course, tiresome (thus the hago), and the people began to say of the river (The biao part) as hago (tiresome). The people complained of its location saying, “Aguy, pwerting ka hagong bi-aoa” (Goodness, what a tiresome river). Hagong biaoa, became the river’s moniker and would remain so until the Spanish era when the letter “H” was changed to “J”. The river was also a landmark and gave the place its name. The moniker Hagong biao contracted and evolved to Jagobiao.


Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain : Merino, Marydith M.

1st Councilor : Alburo, Emilio L.

2nd Councilor : Alegre, Estrella G.

3rd Councilor : Godinez, Elsa J.

4th Councilor : Ledris, Lino G.

5th Councilor : Montesa, Maria Edita M.

6th Councilor : Rivera, Noel Angelo V.

7th Councilor : Lim, Elsa C.

Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

SK Chairman : Ligaray, Ian Bruce

1st Councilor : Gagarani, Jericho A.

2nd Councilor : Mondares, Vincent

3rd Councilor : Rondina, Klendy P.

4th Councilor : Lamela, Karl Roland B.

5th Councilor : Mondejar, Shaira Mae B.

6th Councilor : Garing Jr., Joel B.

7th Councilor : Olivar, Jonas S.