Barangay Ibabao Estancia


Ibabao-Estancia. The double-barreled barangay of Ibabao-Estancia (which suggests a fusion) was once one with the poblacion. It is situated at its northern portion; here a road cuts through the heart of Mandaue and leads straight up to Daanbantayan municipality in northern Cebu. When people would go to this northern part of the poblacion they say, “Mo adto ako sa Ibabaw,” (I will go to the upper part).

Ibabao, meaning “up” (or northwards, as the case may be) was later distinguished from “Centro” ,the middle part of the poblacion, and was eventually seceded from it as a separate barangay.

Another take on the origin of Ibabao and Estancia states that the former meant “at a high place” where rainwater would begin to run to the sea; while the latter “Estancia” meant a wealthy place of residence because of the big houses of its citizens in the past. History suggests otherwise, in that Estancia may have gotten its name from a ranch in the area, quite plausibly the one donated to the Jesuits in 1599.


Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain : Echavez, Romulo Perez, Jr.

1st Councilor : Barz, Jesus Sanchez

2nd Councilor : Del Mar, Arcille Embuscado

3rd Councilor : Cabahug, Abner Lou Sandria

4th Councilor : Ouano, Alfredo Cabahug

5th Councilor : Ygay, Eric Bernardo Siacor

6th Councilor : Soco, Jose Wendell Lato

7th Councilor : Rodriguez, Elena Mendoza

Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

SK Chairman : Redoble, Angel Mae Canales

1st Councilor: Cortes, Ryan Anthony Abella

2nd Councilor: Lepiten, Monica

3rd Councilor: Balbarino, Nonna Bucag

4th Councilor:Perez, Kyrie Raphael Cabahug

5th Councilor: Ouano, Kyle Pala-on

6th Councilor:Cortes, Sherwin Shane Gonzaga

7th Councilor: Sanchez, Vince Ray Bollozos