Barangay Cubacub


Cubacub. This was a mountainous hinterland served in the old days by a rugged trail that was passable only by people and their carabaos. The path was called camino vicinal, a barrio road in Spanish, which connected to the main H. Abellana Street. It was thinly populated. In the mid-1960s, the municipal mayor, Demetrio M. Cortes, cut off its relative isolation as heavy equipment were sent out to carved, dug up, and flattened, and carved yet again, the place took on the name of the laborious process. The Cebuano for this digging operation is cubcub, so when the locals were asked where they came from or had been, they answered, “dapit didto sa adunay nag cub-cub.” Or “Didto’s cubacuban.” (“Near from where the digging is”or “From the diggings”). So cubacub (diggings) became the place’s moniker for it was best identified that way.

The other version to Cubacub’s name origin draws reference, as well, from its high terrain. Here, the name comes from a topographical feature of its land in which two hills appear to be one on top of the other or overlapping, “nag-akub”. It is the industry of its people that gave Cubacub its name, avers the HDP for this sitio of Canduman had citizens who worked very hard for a living which is metaphorically like digging.


               Barangay Officials

                   Barangay Captain : Bihag, Almario Pono 

                                       1st Councilor  : Bihag, Edgar Seno                                   

                                                    2nd Councilor  : Borbajo, Alex Vega                                            

            3rd Councilor :  Gogo, Sergio Sanchez

      4th Councilor : Sicad, Aserio Bihag 

  5th Councilor : Vega, Celso Bihag

               6th Councilor :  Bihag, Arpie Pol Comiso

             7th Councilor : Mendaros, Edgar Tigue

Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

SK Chairman : Agbon, Cristian Louie  

 1st Councilor:  Vega, Kimberly Romilio

          2nd Councilor:  Alivio, Angela Niña Dimpas

3rd Councilor: Abellana, Jaycleff Mesa

                 4th Councilor: Borbajo, Godfrey Martin Pastor

            5th Councilor: Vega, Mark Angelo Villanueva

       6th Councilor:  Medez, Estela Marie Aldaya

      7th Councilor:   Ondong, Rey Joseph Cinco.