Barangay Tabok


Tabok. In the old days when there were no bridges, the people of this place had to cross the river on foot; it was, and still is, located at the northern bank of Butuanon River. The act of crossing was “tabok” in Cebuano (a synonym is "labang”). Thus the place became Tabok (whether one was at either side of the river).

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain : Tarriman, Dario S.

1st Councilor : Vega, Julieto M.

2nd Councilor : Suico, Edgar C.

3rd Councilor : Cabatingan, Viel T.

4th Councilor : Cortes, Nestor C.

5th Councilor : Rosal, Emiliano M.

6th Councilor : Rivera, Elmer T.

7th Councilor : Tarriman Jr. Tranquilino S.

                       Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

SK Chairman : Perez, Christella

1st Councilor : Abantao, Arbel A.

2nd Councilor : Avila, Raymund                  

3rd Councilor : Mendoza, Arianna Renee

4th Councilor : Monguez, Shane Ann

5th Councilor : Garcia, Mariel

6th Councilor : Alcos, Karylle Mae C.

7th Councilor : Malingin, Harvey C.