Barangay Basak


Basak. The name Basak means that the place is full of mud or is marshy, water abounds there even in a drought. It used to have very few people living in it and these old folks were resigned to describe where they lived as “Didto’s basakan nga dapit” (there by the swampy place). Again a contraction from Basakan to Basak happened by way of eliding long phrases, believed to be a Cebuano cultural trait.

A similar account acknowledges the watery nature of the place but adds that this quality made it ideal for wet cultivation, a basakan. This is corroborated in the HDP in the 1950s: Basak comes from the Cebuano word for “wet”, that is basd, because the place floods in the rainy season. Basak was planted with rice, tangkong or swamp cabbage (Ipomea aquatica Torsk), and grass fodder for the carabaos and horses like zacate (Zacate amargo) and bungalong (Avicennia marina).


Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain : Diano, Felipe M.

1st Councilor : Mistula, Rudlyn C.

2nd Councilor : Ostia, Michael F.

3rd Councilor : Escoton, Milagros G.

4th Councilor : Dayanan, Vicente C.

5th Councilor : Franza, Joseph Jr. L.

6th Councilor : Alivio, Jose Arcelito D.

7th Councilor : Sanchez, Reuben A.

Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

SK Chairman : Mabanto, Sherwin Harold V.

1st Councilor: Alivio, Raffy Jay

2nd Councilor: Ynot, Jack Kient L.

3rd Councilor: Olan-olan, Annalie

4th Councilor: Togbong, Merlyn Gleen

5th Councilor: Demecillo, Lhar-anna C.

6th Councilor: Guido, Jemarie P.

7th Councilor: Mondarte, Jakelord B.