Barangay Mantuyong


Mantuyong. The very small community of Mantuyong derived its name from a brilliant and active headsman called Mantu that was a very old title for a man who was “intelligent and progressive”. Mantu and the original families of the area lived in huts along a robust steam. It was a rich estuarine environment of mangroved swamps. Despite a native intelligence, Mantu dreamt of attending schools to gain more knowledge to benefit his flock. This was before Mandaue had any schools and his dream remained unfulfilled.

Mantu’s altruism made him like a father to everyone young and old. As proof of this high regard and as a sign of respect, the people conferred on him a very old Cebuano honorific of “Uyong”. And as final tribute after his death the place became “Mantuyong” coined from “Mantu” and “Uyong”.


Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain : Areopagita, Julius Ceasar L.

1st Councilor : Urot, Juanito M.

2nd Councilor : Sanchez, Joseph Bryan A.

3rd Councilor : Pepito, Jose A.

4th Councilor : Ramos, Rizza P.

5th Councilor : Heyrosa, Jiovanni B.

6th Councilor : Pono, D 'Andrei Christan

7th Councilor : Batistis, Randy Dennis

                        Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

SK Chairman : Dela Rama, Daisy

1st Councilor : Frias, John Vincent

2nd Councilor : Lopez, Carlos George

3rd Councilor : Abrantes, Claire

4th Councilor : Cabrido, Nica

5th Councilor : Gonzales, Lean Louise Tyra

6th Councilor : Garciano, Rica Lyn

7th Councilor : Pepito, Honey Roseann