Barangay Tipolo


Tipolo. In the early 1900s the place was once recognizable from the thick groves of Tipolo trees (Artocarpus bancoi) that once lorded over this area with their tall tops and huge trunks. Under these trees was the old railway which today is M.C. Briones Street or the highway. Amidst these woods was a spring that flowed into the sea. The people were attracted to this spring – to bathe or relax. They brought their laundry there for the freshness of its water; or simply gathered there. The spring became well-known, and to find it one was directed to the Tipolo grove, “Didto na siya sa may mga Tipolo makit-i,” (You’ll find it within the vicinity of the Tipolo trees). The strategic location of the spring and especially because of the trees’ imposing presence, the place got to be named “Tipolo”.

By mid–century (actually the 1960s), these arboreal landmarks were destroyed to be replaced by another big landmark, San Miguel Corporation. Most of the Tipolo trees were cut down, leaving only one standing. Under this last living stand, people still met up and the lovers dated, but its days, too, were numbered. And after 25 years since its old companions were felled, it, too, got axed. It is sad that there are no tipolo trees in Tipolo today.


Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain : Villanueva, Restituto

1st Councilor : Alimpangog, Ramon V.

2nd Councilor : Villanueva, Procopio R.

3rd Councilor : Paciencia, Sercia M.

4th Councilor : Grafe, Kevin Djon J.

5th Councilor : Cortes, Jessica C.

6th Councilor : Retuya, Brendo M.

7th Councilor : Cuizon, Philip Richard J. II.

Sangguniang Kabataan Officials

SK Chairman : Jayme, Rodnie B.

1st Councilor : Bacatan, Kenji Maurice C.

2nd Councilor : Bacatan, Syndy M.

3rd Councilor : Bernales, Florey Mae

4th Councilor : Daymiel, Rey C.

5th Councilor : Sansub, Baron James

6th Councilor : Cuizon, Pearl Andrea A.

7th Councilor : Avila, Maureen G.