Barangay Alang - Alang


               Alang-alang. Old Cebuano for ylang-ylang, It got its name from its closeness to the town center, Poblacion or Centro. The name from the Visayan denotes middling distance from one point to the other. Before it had become an independent sitio (place), it was at the boundary of barangays Ibabao and Opao. When substantial population could justify its separation, people who came from there began to refer to it as “ Alang-alang sa Ibabao ug sa Opao “ (somewhere between  Ibabao and Opao), when asked where they lived. This would later be contracted to “Alang-alang”.


Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain : Go, Jesse James L.

1st Councilor  : Alimpangog, Dennis V.                               

2nd Councilor : Cuizon, Jeric Mikhail                                          

3rd Councilor : Saladaga, Amedello

4th Councilor : Pañares, Celso M.

5th Councilor : Sanchez, Myles Arri

6th Councilor : Cortes, Kristian P.

7th Councilor : Jundos, Joseph R.

Sangguniang Kabataan  Officials