Barangay Alang - Alang


This barrio got its name because of its proximity to the town's proper. The barrio was not that near to the town's center yet it wasn't that far either. Before, the barangay was a part of Barangay Ibabao and that of Opao. When the population increased, it was then made into a sitio. Since this sitio was located at the boundary of the two barangays, people who came from the place when asked where'd they came from, would reply, "Alang-Alang sa Ibabao ug sa Opao,"(approximately near Ibabao and Opao.) Time later shortened the phrase into Alang-Alang.

Alang-alang is a barrio of Mandaue City, Province of Cebu, Philippines. The barangay is roughly situated between Plaridel street in the west, UN Avenue in the north, AC Cortez ave in the South and the Cebu Mactan canal in the east. Main thoroughfares are G. Ouano street and M. Sanchez street


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